BCT is a pioneer in the field of information technology in the Baltic Region. It has heavily invested in the sophisticated terminal operating system (TOS) -NAVIS N4 to ensure the efficient real-time management of the entire container handling cycle. The system includes yard planning, vessel planning and equipment control modules. Through this system it is possible to anticipate in detail a vessel’s arrival and plan the entire operational process of loading and unloading of containers.


In 2009 BCT started developing the Automated Container Operations System (ACOS) which is based on the synergy of modern IT systems aimed to optimise and automate container terminal operational process. The system allows BCT to automatically process all incoming and outgoing containers with no influence of human factor. The ACOS is based on three key components – gate, rail and quay modules – produced by Visy Oy and integrated with tailor-made modules and interfacing with the TOS.


This system provides automation of vessel, gate and rail operational processes through the utilisation of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technologies as well as image capturing and processing algorithms. As a result all inbound and outbound  are photographed at high resolution and anydamage inspection is automated. In addition the container acceptance and delivery process is optimised, human error rate is minimal, terminal performance and quality of service is improved as well long-term operations planning is made possible.